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Gull With A Prize  

Gull with a prize! 



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Great Egret On the Ocean Road in Chincoteague, there is a marsh area along the road. This Snowy Egret was getting morning food.



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Osprey Fishing  



Osprey, bird of prey, was flying over the Beach Road. DEA_3353 copy



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This was so cool to see. Skimmers skimming for food. They are born with their bill both upper and lower the same size. As they mature and fish for food they bang their bills from time to time shortening the lower bill. I love to watch them feed.


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Great Blue Heron Great Blue Heron- One of many of the images I will share this week. Steve and I just came back from Deal Island Skipjack Race in Maryland and spent the Labor Day afternoon at Chincoteague Island and watched birds.

This is one of the Heron we photographed. Thanks for stopping in, feel free to leave comments.

Great Blue Heron

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Welcome to our blog Our newest image selected from Brethren Press was one of Stephen's images.  This was used for August. It is interesting to hear the story behind the images. This particular one was an artist named Ariane Lydon . She is a wonderful harpist. We asked permission to photograph her hands. I purchased several CD's from her. She has a website :   Enjoy.Harpist

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