Beverly Vogel, Photographer
From her home in historic Manassas , Virginia, to the austere wilds of New Brunswick, Canada, Bev Vogel has captured the essence of scenic Americana. With a particular appreciation for Eastern beaches and lighthouses, Bev uses natural light to bring warm and stimulating images to her viewers, taking the extra care to match the image to surroundings as she scans, prints and frames each image with individual care. Also, specializing in macro, Bev has used the knowledge gained studying with Freeman Patterson, Joseph Miller and others to take her image making from a passion to a profession -- bringing her audience photographic treasure. From their home in the woods, there are many new adventures to capture. Wildlife is abundant. There are fox, rabbits, deer, ground hog, chip monk and many, many species of birds raising their young on their property.

Stephen Vogel, Photographer
Steve Vogel has taught photography at the community college and has won numerous local and regional awards for his work. Creating images since 1967, Stephen shoots in 35 mm format and has photographed lighthouses of the Eastern United States in all seasons. Recently retired, Steve attends workshops with his wife Beverly and enjoys the freedom to pick up and go capture the elements that surround them at their new home in the woods.